A cost and return on investment analysis of the pricing structure may help in this situation. The company hosting the server online platform we have built the program on charges a monthly subscription fee that make up over half of the $3 a day. So, we are really only charging about $45 a month (about $1.50 a day) for our program. That is less than most people spend on a cup of coffee every day!! We also have purchase options so that the monthly cost is only for the server hosting fee, just like you would pay a company to host your website on the internet. QUICKBOOKS online charges between $70 and $150 for their "tried and tested" program. They are generic. We are INDUSTRY SPECIFIC at about half the cost. Simply put, our software is just filling out all the typical forms used in the normal daily operations of a pilot car business, digitally, and leaving the calculations and math to the program for accuracy. We don't do the same function as QUICKBOOKS. We are not a full-blown accounting program. We did not want to reinvent the wheel. However, our program WILL integrate with QUICKBOOKS to provide a full accounting solution. Here is a quick look at our yearly savings from going green and using our product:
***** Summary of Impact & ROI *****
Yearly Savings assumes 260 work days in a year
Paper Costs
$ 130
Form Delivery
$ 10,400
Data Entry
$ 10,400
Data Tracking/Correction
$ 5,200
Time Savings
$ 5,200
Write-off Eliminated
$ 0
Total Savings In A Year
$ 31,330
Cost of internet server hosting -- Annual Cost Per User
$ 600
Number of Hours Saved
Total Savings Since using the program:
$ 125,320
Approximate Cost for using the program:
$ 4,800
Total Net Savings Since using the program:
$ 120,520
Yearly Return on Investment:
$ 30,130
Important: Going Green?
Real Time Data?
Reducing Math Errors?
Collecting Data Not Possible on Paper?
How much is your time worth to you? PPCA gives you back your time to improve productivity, complete more jobs, get paid faster, increase compliance and take your business to the next level.
We recognize this is not going to be for everyone. Likewise, we always welcome positive feedback and constructive criticism. We challenge those who wish to share their opinions and criticisms to take the time to learn about our program, it's options and features designed specifically for the Pilot Car Industry first. We have spent 4 years using this program and developing it to encompass every facet of the business and the forms needed to effectively and efficiently manage the task of invoicing and accounting while presenting a undeniable and absolute professional image. Our analogy is that you would not give a review of a movie without seeing it first. Take a look at what we have to offer. Like it or not, neither of us lose anything. It has been an invaluable tool for our Pilot Car company for over 4 years.

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