Jump on the technology train and go PAPERLESS and GO GREEN! This totally automated digital Pilot Car Business application runs on both android and apple phones and tablets. It has been a labor of love and trial and error over the past 4 years fine tuning it to be as comprehensive as possible and covering all facets of the business. Rather you are just an independent operator or a broker or a multi-car company, this program has it all: Invoicing, Dispatch capabilities, integrated daily run log, Safety forms, Pre-trip safety checklist, Route Survey form that is acceptable in all states, High Pole verification and disclaimer form, Monthly revenue reports, Rate and Term Agreement, Vendor Billing Profile, and an incident/accident report, and Company/State specific required forms. We are adding new forms as they are sent to us. You can take payments on the spot using this app with the integration to SQUARE to process credit cards. It can also be integrated with Quickbooks for accounting. It allows you to take pictures and get signatures on your device to submit as required with the documents/forms/invoices. It will retrieve current GPS locations, date, and time. Have documents/receipts to send with your invoice? There is an app that allows you to take pictures of all those miscellaneous documents individually and submit them with the invoice! No more lost receipts or required forms. And finally, IT DOES ALL THE MATH!!! It even calculates and deducts for fast pay.

With the added feature of dispatching and scheduling from a central office location and from the mobile application, this is especially helpful and a valuable time saver for brokers and multi-car operations.

Much like Doc-U-Sign, you effectively are filling out the forms on your phone and submitting them via email to your customer/truck driver/vendor company. It sends a copy to your email for record keeping and keeps a copy in the application in case you need to edit it or resend it for any reason. As good as technology is, I always recommend printing out a copy of all documents and filing them for historical record keeping as a backup. All of the forms created are in PDF format and completely customizable to fit your exact needs and will give all your documents a highly professional image, as well as your company. Do you have your own specialized and unique forms? We can create and integrate them into the program. This also encourages and facilitates faster payout of invoices by reducing the lag time in the the driver getting the invoices turned in, or losing them, or forgetting to turn them in on time. You can send the completed invoices and forms to multiple people. So, when you send it to the driver, you can copy accounting! No more missing invoices!

Whew! Sounds like it a lot to learn and do. But the reality is that it is actually a huge time saver and quite simple to use. You are simply filling out the same paper forms/invoices you have in your clipboard or notebook on your phone or tablet. No more running out of forms/invoices or pens running out of INK. Not to mention the savings in paper! It will make you job easier and uncomplicates the mechanics of invoicing, completing misc forms, and keeping everything organized and at your fingertips right on your mobile device. Likewise, if used as it is designed, it will also provide legal protection from liability and responsibility when things go wrong due to truck driver errors.

14 module applications/forms comprise this all encompassing comprehensive fully automated business program. The best analogy for this integrated platform is that hosting server is like a Windows or Apple OS operation system, and PPCA is like a independently developed application program such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, or a game that run on the Windows or Apple OS operating system.


Pilot Car Job Dispatch Schedule


Want to know where all your cars are, who is available and when? I have a great online resource (i.e. car/driver) scheduling program. It is totally web based and can be accessed on any computer or mobile device.

supersass pc sched.JPG

Monthly and Annual Revenue Report


Also available is an Excel spreadsheet that has been developed to easily give you one document that keeps track of your monthly income and expenses and provides an annual 12 month summary by month or your profit and loss for the month. Just enter the information from each run and it does all the math and calculates your income and expenses for each month. It also allows you to keep a record of when an invoice was billed/sent and when it is paid. It shows you your current outstanding receivables (invoices owed). Give it to your accountant monthly and at the end of the year, and they will love you. They can import the information right into any accounting software. NO MORE DATA ENTRY! This is a great tool for brokers and people running multiple cars.

excel snapshot.png