Module Descriptions and Function



These are the main modules you will typically use the most on a daily basis. They create the final invoice that you will email to the appropriate entity for payment at the completion of the trip. It includes a daily trip log and calculates all the charges. If you have chosen FAST PAY, it will deduct the agreed percentage and produce a NET PAY amount due. You can accept debit and credit cards with this module when linked to a SQUARE account. The difference in the two modules is that with the DISPATCH INVOICE allows you to manage multiple cars/jobs and complete the job details and contact information. Then send – DISPATCH THE JOB -- the form to a Pilot Car Driver to complete the daily log while on the trip – i.e. start and end times and location, miles driven, no-go, etc. – and send it back to you at the end of the trip to complete the billing information and submit for payment. This is an incredible time saver and all but eliminates the opportunity for misinformation concerning the job details.


This module is simply a daily pre-trip checklist and safety meeting form. It assures that all the details concerning the safe movement of the load are discussed and agreed on prior to leaving with the load. Important items like permits are in hand, permit restrictions, routing, speeds, CB channels, etc. It collects signatures from the Pilot Car Operator and Truck Driver. It also keeps a log the location and time of, and reason for every stop while traveling with the load during each travel day and collects initial from the Pilot Car Operator and Truck Driver. If you are the High Pole, check your pole height setting and log It every time you stop and verify with the truck driver and get his initials! This eliminates the opportunity for misinformation or misunderstandings concerning the movement of the load and reduces the chances of an incident in route. SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS!! USE THIS FORM EVERY DAY BEFORE MOVING WITH THE LOAD.


This form is used at the beginning of every over height move in conjunction with the Daily Pre-trip Checklist. It displays all the load dimensions and Height Pole setting, how it was derived/measured, and everyone that verified the load height and height pole setting. The Truck Driver, Pilot Car operator, and Bucket Truck operator (if present) all have to sign off on the verification validating that is correct and acceptable for the safe movement of the load as loaded. The legal disclaimer removes all liability from the Pilot Car Operator for any incidents and damage caused as a result of hitting a structure, line, or obstacle as long as the Pole height setting as agreed and verified was able to travel under the obstacle without touching it.


This module allows you to take pictures with your device of each individual document/receipt/form that is required to be submitted with the invoice for payment. You can put the name of the document or type of document with the image.


These modules is for record keeping and accounting. It maintains a log of every job for the month – date, net pay, vendor, invoice number, paid or not, total revenue for the month. If it is not paid, it will automatically copy the information to the accounts receivable log and calculate the outstanding AP for the month. As with the DISPATCH INVOICE, the MONTHLY REPORT w signature will allow you to maintain a log of all jobs dispatched to your drivers, contract drivers, etc. It creates the same report, but allows you to send the report to the respective driver at the end of the month for their review and signature. They send it back to you for your signature and payroll processing. Once you receive it and sign it, you email it to them like you would an invoice to a vendor. This provides them a record of the work they performed for you during the month and what, if any, pay is outstanding. It also provides you with a record of who and how much you have paid for services each month as a 1099 employee or contractor. It will satisfy IRS requirements, however a 1099 will still need to be sent each year.


In the unfortunate event that there is an incident or accident during the movement of the load, this module will provide a comprehensive report of the details of the incident. It includes pictures of the damage, statement of what happened, date/time/GPS location, names and contact information of all law enforcement officials responding, report numbers, name and contact information for all utility/Railroad/DOT officials responding and their report numbers, name and contact information of all private individuals involved/injured. This is invaluable for protecting you from liability for damages and responsibility.


For those who wish to perform route surveys, this module will simplify and expedite the process and will produce a professional, complete, and comprehensive survey report acceptable by all states. It provides all the required information about the load dimensions, proposed route. A detail description of each leg, complete with notes about the transition/turn, obstacles, and a picture of the transition/turn and obstacle if noted. The final page is an invoice.


This form lets you collect all the information to build a financial billing profile about the company you are going to provide your services to and includes a legal binding agreement to be signed by the authorized representative of the vendor/truck company on the rates and payment terms in advance so that there are not disagreements later concerning these details.


The expense log functions to keep track of all your expenses on the road. This report can be done Monthly, Weekly, or by the individual job/trip. It has a summary of all your expenses with a total for the period chosen. It also calculates your average price per gallon on your total fuel expense, and average price per night for your lodging expense.


This form/module is a a very simple and easy way to estimate your net income from an individual job/run. Simply input all the agreed billable rates, dead and loaded miles (billable and non-billable), etc., and it will give you a summary of the estimated expenses and net income. You can print out a summary to compare to your actual expenses and invoiced amount.


ODSNA -- Those who work for ODSNA will enjoy the ease of completing their form digitally and using the integrated invoice to bill them for your services. When completed digitally with our system, and sent to them for processing payment, it will produce a PDF that is an exact replica of the one they send out in pdf format and includes an invoice for services.

KANSAS PRE-TRIP/POST-TRIP FORM -- This is an exact replica of the new form required by Kansas for all pilot car operators to complete when working in Kansas.


With the added feature of dispatching and scheduling from a central office location and from the mobile application, this is especially helpful and a valuable time saver for brokers and multi-car operations.

Also available is an Excel spreadsheet that has been developed to easily give you one document that keeps track of your monthly income and expenses and provides an annual 12 month summary by month or your profit and loss for the month. Just enter the information from each run and it does all the math and calculates your income and expenses for each month. It also allows you to keep a record of when an invoice was billed/sent and when it is paid. It shows you your current outstanding receivables (invoices owed). Give it to your accountant monthly and at the end of the year, and they will love you. They can import the information right into any accounting software. NO MORE DATA ENTRY! This is a great tool for brokers and people running multiple cars.

Want to know where all your cars are, who is available and when? I have a great online resource (i.e. car/driver) scheduling program. It is totally web based and can be accessed on any computer or mobile device.